Pre-Paid Electricity is as simple as it sounds! It is like putting gas into a car.
Customers pay for electricity before it is used, then use the electricity until the credit is depleted.
Pre-Paid Electricity takes a meter reading at midnight each day, calculates the amount of electricity used, and deducts it from the credit balance. The credit balance is updated around 9AM each day.

Pre-Paid Electricity Monthly Billed Electricity
Deposit None 2 months
Late Fee None 5%
Due Date None Monthly
Reconnect Fee $5 $75
After Hour Reconnect None $75
Paper Bills None Monthly

What you need to know

  • Members who have an e-mail address and the ability to receive texts will benefit most from this service.
  • You will receive e-mail and text updates when the account balance drops below $20.
  • If the account balance reaches $0 or below, the meter will automatically disconnect.
  • A $5 reconnect fee will be deducted from next payment if account is disconnected.
  • Once a payment is made power will be restored; any time day or night.
  • The normal $12.50 monthly customer charge will be prorated daily, and you pay the same rate as everyone else.
  • The minimum payment that may be made towards a Pre-Paid accounts will be $25.
  • A percentage of past due payments will be taken out of each payment until paid in full.

Payments can be made

  • Through the
    SmartHub app
  • Online through our website
  • Over the phone by using our automated system
  • During Lamar Electric business hours, members may come in and make a payment or call and speak with a customer service representative.

To sign up for a Pre-Paid Electricity Account or to switch your account to a Pre-Paid Electricity Account you must visit our office at:

5225 US HWY 82 E Blossom, TX 75416.

Office hours: Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM.