Texas weather is unpredictable, and we realize that frequent weather changes can lead to considerable fluctuations in your monthly electric bill during the summer and winter seasons. Level Billing is available for members who want to make balanced monthly payments on their electric bills.
Who Is Eligible?
Lamar Electric Cooperative residential members who have received service for at least 12 months from Lamar Electric Cooperative
Members must have a zero balance on their account when establishing the Level Billing payment plan.
Members must have a good payment history with Lamar Electric Cooperative.
How Does It Work?
Monthly electric bills are calculated and printed each month as usual. The balance will show a credit amount if overpaid and an amount due if underpaid. The member pays only the Level Bill amount shown on the bill.
How is it Calculated?
The Level Bill amount will be calculated using the average of the last 12 months.
Contact the billing office at Lamar Electric Cooperative at (903) 784-4303 to sign up for level billing.