Out of Power? Just Text Us!

When a big wind storm blows through or something happens that causes a major electric line outage, our telephones light up. When several hundred people all try calling at the same time, many will get a busy signal. We now have another way to report outages. Just Text us. Texting is faster and an easier way to report your power outage to. If many folks report their outage by text, those calling in their outage will have a better chance of getting through the first time. We know there are many members that do not Text. By reducing the phone calls, the non-texting folks will be able to communicate with us much quicker.

To sign up for outage texting or to manage your outage texting prefrences CLICK HERE

To learn more about outage texting, visit our outage texting page.

Right of Way Updates

Please visit our Right of Way Program page to see up to date maps and information.
We are working hard to make sure your lights stay on. Our Right of Way Program helps make that happen. By clearing trees and spraying brush, our members are less likely to have a power outage caused by limbs or trees falling on the line. You may see men working and their vehicles will be marked to clear the right of way on your property. These men will be wearing hard hats and neon vests. As always, if you spot unusual activity call the sheriff.

SmartHub App: How to Check Your Usage

SmartHubThe “My Usage” feature in the SmartHub app offers our members a quick snapshot of how much energy is used, and allows members to compare that usage over time and against weather data.
Why should our members care? Tracking usage will help members determine if they are using more energy than usual, so they can make adjustments before getting an unexpectedly large bill. In addition, having access to this information can help our members make wise energy decisions.
For instructions on how to review your usage on an Android device CLICK HERE.
For instructions on how to review your usage on an Apple device CLICK HERE.

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