The following governmental or social service agencies may be able to assist you if you are having trouble making your payment for electric service to the Cooperative.
Co-Ministry 440 E Kaufman St Paris, TX (903) 783-0671 (Lamar County Only)
Community Services of NETX 903-783-0671
Chocktaw Nation of Oklahoma Emergency Services Program 1-800-522-6170 or 580-924-8280 ext. 2556
Salvation Army 903-784-7548

Two state agencies that may be able to help customers are listed below:
Texas Department of Human Services, Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP), mail Code Y-931, P. O Box 149029, Austin, Texas 78714-9029, phone (800) 252-8080.
Texas Department of Community Affairs, Energy Assistance Section, P. O. Box 13166, Austin, Texas 78711-3166, phone (512) 834-6051.